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Emergency Numbers

To Report a Forest Fire Ontario Wide–  Dial 310-FIRE (3473)
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Non-emergency - 807-548-5534 or 1-888-310-1122
Ontario-wide Ambulance - 1-877-351-2345
Fire, Police and Ambulance City of Kenora including Kenora, Keewatin & Jaffray Mellick - Dial 911
Outside of the City of Kenora
Clearwater Bay/McKenzie Portage  - Fire 807-547-2400
Clearwater Bay/McKenzie Portage - Ambulance 807-468-3311
Pellatt/Laclu  - Fire 807-468-3473
Pellatt/Laclu - Ambulance 807-468-3311
Lake of the Woods District Hospital - 807-468-9861
Poison Control - 1-800-268-9017

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Environmental Issues

Invasive Species

Grow Me Instead Program - Ontario Invasive Plant Council, LOWDPOA
Invasive Species Found in Ontario - MNRF
Invasive Species Guide - FOCA
Purple Loosestrife - LOWDPOA, Ontario Invasive Plant Council, Ontario Beetles
Report Sighting of Invasive Species -  EDDMapS
Removal of Invasive Aquatic  Species - MNRF
Rusty Crayfish - Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program, MNRF
Spiny Water Fleas - Ontario Invading Species Awareness Program
Stop the Spread - FOCA, MNRF, OFAH
Zebra Mussels - LOWDPOAOntario's Invading Species Awareness Program

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Bear Wise - Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Coyotes, Wolves and Foxes - Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 
Feeding Wildlife Do's and Don'ts - Ministry of Natural Recourses and Forestry
Guide to Eating Ontario Fish - Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
People and Wildlife - LOWDPOA
Wildlife and Nature - Ontario Government 

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