Our Communities

Our Communities

Within the Lake of the Woods District, there are a number of cities, municipalities and cottager associations that we work with, sharing information and ideas as well as actively participating on various committees and partnering special projects.

We welcome contact information for all and provide links to websites and e-mail addresses where applicable

Kenora http://www.kenora.ca
Sioux Narrows/Nestor Falls http://www.siouxnarrows-nestorfalls.ca
Morson http://www.lakeofthewoodstourism.ca
Black Sturgeon Lake Property Owners Assoc.
Coney Island Ratepayers Association
Gibi West Development Association lyle@modernacrylic.com
Hay Island Cottage Association
LacLu Campers’ Association vmahaffy@mymts.net 
Minaki Cottagers Association
Pickerel Lake Cottagers’ Association jfield@pembinatrails.ca
Rice Lake Road Cottage Owners Assoc.  gio@prairiehouse.ca
Tannis Lake Cottage Association


  Zig Zag Yacht Club                                                        www.zzyc.ca  or info@zzyc.ca