Seedling Day

White Pine Seedling Pick-Up Day

The online option to order seedlings is now closed and we are close to sold-out.  

If you are still interested in seedlings please contact us.

Planting your Seedlings

White pines grow best among other trees where the overhead canopy density is roughly 40 – 60 per cent. This is true for most other native species as well. Whites will grow, but very slowly, in deep shade – they prefer an opening in the upper story to let in sun and to grow up through. They do adequately-to-quite-well in direct open sun if you are reforesting a clearing or a burned area. They do well being somewhat solitary – you can spread them out so each tree eventually becomes a seed source for a large area. They prefer a sandy soil.

Plant the seedling in mineral soil (dirt). Northern forest floors often have a top layer of duff – two to five inches of a lightweight blend of pine needles, molding leaves, dust, twigs, etc. Under that is either rock or dirt. Pick spots where the dirt is deep and wide enough to contain a full root system ten to twenty years out. Conifer roots grow outward at least to their drip line – where water would drip off the tree’s outermost branch tips. They do not have “tap roots” (hardwoods do) that grow downward since they’d hit bedrock in most northern places.

Make sure the dirt area chosen has natural access to moisture. If the dirt you clear or dig in is bone dry today, it is likely to be so in the future. Plant in relatively or potentially moist soil, avoiding moisture extremes like low, wet areas or dry hilltops. 

Make sure there are no air pockets in the dirt around the roots and tamp the dirt down. Ideally, transplants should get lots of water for several weeks if possible, though many will survive on their own.

Plant a safe distance (a mature tree-length) away from any buildings. Tall white pines are sometimes hit by lightning, which can then jump sideways to a building, and mature trees can do notable damage when they are blown over onto something.

Plant your seedlings as soon as possible!

If necessary, store in a roomy, closed plastic bag in a cool, dark place; refrigerator, cooler, cellar. Add a tiny bit of water part way through if storing for a long time – some may last 2 – 4 weeks. Seedlings may arrive frozen and if so, thaw at room temperature.


  1. Seedlings come ‘jelly-rolled’ in a bundle of 15. Carry the bundle with you, removing one seedling at a time and re-wrap. A bucket with wet paper towel in the bottom helps, but don’t soak the roots.
  1. Clear all brush, branches, etc at least 3 feet around and 6 feet above the planting spot. Brush away the top level of loose pine needles, old leaves (duff) down to moist mineral soil (real dirt).
  1. Dig a hole as deep as the seedling root length and just a bit wider. Place roots straight up and down in the hole with root top just at the level of the real dirt.
  1. Carefully sprinkle dirt into the hole around the root sides so no possible air pocket remains underneath or on the sides – it can be fatal. Move duff, much or decaying leaves back over the cleared area and right around the seedling truck, but not on the needles to retain moisture later on.
  1. THE KEY: slowly pour ½ bucket of water near the planting without moving the dirt/mulch protecting it. Daily water would almost guarantee seedling survival.  Extra points for planting just before a 3-day soaking rain! Rewater in mid-summer and drought times.
  1. Keep clipping around the tree twice a summer and for years to come.  Keep planting every year.

GOOD LUCK and remember: Plant with children!



Thank you to all LOWDSA members who purchased and planted Red Pine seedlings in 2018. LOWDSA members have proudly planted more than 300,000 tree seedlings over the years. In 2018 alone, over 10,000 were planted by members and another 5000 thanks to our partnership with LOW Brew Co.,  and St. Thomas Aquinas and Beaver Brae Schools. 

Each year we offer members the opportunity to purchase bundles of seedlings with their membership renewal. For 2019 we will be selling White Pine seedlings at a cost of $10.00 for a bundle of 15. The next seedling pick-up day is Saturday, May 18, 2019.  Cut-off for ordering seedlings this year is Saturday May 4th, 2019. 

To order your seedlings online - choose your preferred location for pickup, click on it and you will be taken to the screen where you place your order.  If you haven't already logged in you will be prompted to do so before you can place your order. Problems logging in or prefer to order by phone?  Call us at 807-468-8715 or email.

Pick-up locations:
Clearwater Bay Fire Hall
Kenora - Blue Heron
Laclu - PUFF Fire Hall
Minaki Marina
Morson - Location TBD
Nestor Falls - Location TBD
Sioux Narrows - Government Dock
Storm Bay Road - Longbow Lake Fire Hall